Lyricists Behind BTS Jimin’s Solo Song “Filter” Can’t Stop Praising Him And BTS

Here’s why.

In case you didn’t know, BTS‘s Jimin released his flirty solo song “Filter” early this year.

Danke, the team behind “Filter”, was recently invited to talk about the industry and their salaries on an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series.

The comment they read aloud was, “BTS Jimin should run away from the ‘Filter’ lyricist. For real, ‘Filter’ is awesome. It’s just so him, lol. It overcame my tastes and standards.”

The pair immediately flushed in pride. Lee Hee Joo described it as having “BTS songwriting pride”. Although K-Pop is generally unpopular among the older generation, they explained that everyone knows BTS.

Kim Soo Bin: Parents don’t know idols well whether they’re famous or not. But BTS…

Lee Hee Joo: Mom! BTS!! Call all the aunties!

Without any hesitation, they praised Jimin for his talent and skills.

Jimin has a wonderful voice and his performance is great.

– Lee Hee Joo

They hope, like fans, that Jimin can eventually perform “Filter” on stage!

I thought I could see the performance after we worked on it, but it’s such a shame that we couldn’t because of COVID-19…I want to see the performance of this song for sure.

– Kim Soo Bin

After all, the lyricists felt like, “I missed the moment that my dream came true.” If you want to see more of Lee Hee Joo and Kim Soo Bin, check out the full video below!

Source: AYO 에이요