Here’s What Makes NCT Jaehyun’s Smile Infinitely More Unique And Adorable

Fans find his smile super cute.

NCT‘s Jaehyun is well known for his beautiful smile that can light up a room.


NCTzens love the dimples that form on Jaehyun’s cheeks when he smiles…


… but they love the wrinkles around his nose even more!


NCTzens have come to nickname these wrinkles his “cat whiskers”.


Those lines that appear right next to his nose, across his cheekbones…


… surely remind the fans of a cat’s whiskers!


Jaehyun’s smile, characterized by both his dimples and his cat whiskers, is definitely one of the most unique in K-Pop.


NCTzens love seeing Jaehyun smile and hope he continues to have endless things to smile about!

Source: THEQOO