A Male Idol Was So Popular He Had A School Fan Club That Fought Over Him

“I signed up and saw it. I saw them fighting there.”

Sometimes idols have such star power, handsome looks, and talent they gain fame before they even debut. BTOB‘s Hyunsik was one of them and had a school fan club that fought over him.


When Hyunsik was in the fourth grade, his classmates created a fan club dedicated to him. It had twenty members, including “girls fighting over Hyunsik.” Although it seems unbelievable, it was proven to be quite true.

Hyunsik checked out the club for himself, seeing the students fight over him right in front of his eyes. He hadn’t been the only one, either.

I signed up and saw it. I saw them fighting there. Just like, ‘Hyunsik is mine!’

— Hyunsik

Eunkwang had heard the same thing from a student who went to school with Hyunsik at the time.

But actually, I heard this from someone who went to the same elementary school as Hyunsik. So I said, ‘Really? Are these things about Hyunsik true?’ [They said,] ‘Yes, that’s true!’

— Eunkwang

It looks like Hyunsik was born to be in the spotlight and win over the hearts of many fans.

| @imhyunsik/Instagram

Hyunsik went from a fan club of twenty to thousands upon thousands of MELODYs behind him.