This Male Idol’s Six-Pack Is So Perfectly Sculpted It’ll Leave You Drooling

Changmin shows off his perfect abs in the upcoming episode of “I Live Alone”!

TVXQ’s Changmin showed off his perfectly sculpted abs on I Live Alone!


He begins his morning looking super sexy (without a shirt) in the kitchen.


Then enjoys a relaxing morning (without a shirt) on his sofa.


And that was just the preview! More shirtless Changmin is set to air this week!


Meanwhile, here are some bonus photos that show more of Changmin’s amazing six-pack!


Xiumin posted this photo on his SNS account titling the post “my next goal…”

Source: Instagram

Even other male idols are envious of his toned body!


Changmin also showed up at SM’s Halloween party rocking a shirtless cosplay of Portgas D. Ace from One Piece!

Changmin looks almost identical to the character!


In fact, shirtless Changmin has appeared to his fans quite often!


Thank you for blessing us with your godly abs, Changmin!


Source: Dispatch, The Fact and Sports Chosun
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