Male K-Pop Idol Once Broke His Nose On The Subway

He didn’t realize how bad it was when it happened.

Many idols have taken the subway often during their school years. During one of those days, ATEEZ‘s Yunho had the misfortune of breaking his nose and finally shared the story of how it happened.

Like any other day, he was tired and decided to put his bag on his lap as he fell asleep.

That’s when the train suddenly stopped, making his body lurch forward.

With his earphones in, he had no idea what was happening and ended up hitting his nose on the floor.

Since Wooyoung had heard this story before, he said that was the moment Yunho had broken his nose, which Yunho hadn’t known at the time.

His nose was broken on that day.

Yunho thought the pain would go away but only got worse. When he finally went to the doctor, he received an x-ray that revealed it had indeed been broken and needed an operation to fix.

Sometimes severe injuries can happen from the most unexpected accidents. Listen to Yunho’s first time sharing the story.