Male Lead In Somi’s “DUMB DUMB” Left Everyone Shook By His Age

They were impressed he didn’t look his age.

Although the male lead in Somi‘s “DUMB DUMB” music video only appeared in a few scenes, they left an impact on viewers who fell for his handsome visuals.

Despite playing the role of a high school student effortlessly, many were shocked to find out how old he really was.

YG KPLUS model Choi Yeon Kyu turned out to be born in 1992, making him twenty-nine years old internationally and thirty years old in Korea.

Viewers couldn’t help but gush over Choi Yeom Kyu’s youthful visuals, saying he “looks so young” and how much he looked like a “teen.” Most of all, they “can’t believe he’s thirty.


With looks as naturally handsome and youthful as his, no wonder Choi Yeon Kyu could easily pass as a teenager.

Choi Yeon Kyu | @imcyk/Instagram

In fact, there’s even more to the youthful model than meets the eye.

Who Is He? Meet The Drop Dead Gorgeous Male Lead In Somi’s “DUMB DUMB” Music Video