Who Is He? Meet The Drop Dead Gorgeous Male Lead In Somi’s “DUMB DUMB” Music Video

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When Somi‘s music video for “DUMB DUMB” dropped earlier this month, it wasn’t just her visuals, talent, and bop of a song that gained attention, but also the male lead!

As soon as the video dropped, viewers couldn’t help but notice his good looks and their obvious chemistry.

Meet model Choi Yeon Gyu, the male protagonist of the three minute video! Not a lot of information about him is public, but we know that he’s officially signed to YG KPLUS, a model management company owned by YG PLUS, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. Considering that Somi is signed to THE BLACK LABEL, another one of its subsidiaries, it’s no surprise that they got to work with one another this time around.

Choi Yeon Gyu | @imcyk/Instagram

According to YG KPLUS, Yeong Gyu was born in 1992. The 185cm (6 ft. 1 in.) man has walked in fashion shows for Dolce & Gabbana, modeled for magazines such as Esquire Korea, The Handsome, and Vivi Japan, and he was part of campaigns for brands like Uniqlo.

Yeon Gyu walking the runway for Dolce & Gabbana | @imcyk/Instagram

When the music video was released on August 2, fans immediately found Yeon Gyu online and flocked to his Instagram account. He thanked them for following him, saying, “I’m so surprised when I checked my IG alarm! Thank you for following me everyone!” Well, thousands of people must have clicked “follow” because he now has over 123,000 followers!

| @imcyk/Instagram

It’s no wonder so many fell heads over heels. One look at his Instagram account, imcyk, and every single viewer would be easily captivated by his visuals!

Every single concept matches him. The elegant look? Easy as pie.

| @imcyk/Instagram

The boyfriend look? We can’t look away.

| @imcyk/Instagram
| @imcyk/Instagram

And the everyday casual Choi Yeon Gyu look? Simply perfect!

| @imcyk/Instagram
| @imcyk/Instagram

He’s a model, alright! Even a mask can’t hide his stunning visuals.

| @imcyk/Instagram

Make no mistake, however, he’s not just a pretty face, he’s also athletic! Yeon Gyu is a jiu-jitsu athlete who recently earned his blue belt from the CARPE DIEM dojo. From his post on Instagram, it was evident that he was proud of his achievement.

| @imcyk/Instagram

Yeon Gyu’s sweet personality was seen when he reacted to Somi’s music video.

I’ve never seen a high-teen movie but I think she fits the role perfectly. I think she would do well in acting. As soon as we start shooting, her eyes totally change. Even for this scene, she was very shy but the moment we started, her gaze changed and she was like a pro.

— Choi Yeon Gyu

He’s definitely a model to look out for!

| @imcyk/Instagram
Source: YG KPLUS and Instagram

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