Model Choi Yeon Gyu, The Male Lead In Somi’s Music Video For “DUMB DUMB”, Gets Shy As He Gushes About Her

He showered her with praise.

Model Choi Yeon Gyu is gaining attention from fans after his appearance in Somi‘s music video for “DUMB DUMB”. As he played the crush that Somi has a crush on in the video, many wondered just who he was! Choi Yeon Gyu is currently a model under YG KPLUS. Recently, he even filmed a reaction video for the music video.

He had nothing but praise for Somi. Specifically, regarding the cafeteria scene, he expressed that although she had been shy at first, she was completely professional.

I’ve never seen a high-teen movie but I think she fits the role perfectly. I think she would do well in acting. As soon as we start shooting, her eyes totally change. Even for this scene, she was very shy but the moment we started, her gaze changed and she was like a pro.

— Choi Yeon Gyu

He got adorably shy as he watched his almost-kiss scene with her!

A smile was immediately on his face as he watched Somi.

Watching a later scene with her, he couldn’t help but shyly smile at himself.

This continued until the ending credits, where a cartoon drawing of him and Somi was shown.

He made sure to praise her all the way to the end, claiming she brought lots of energy to the set.

Jeon Somi filmed for two days straight, so she would have been really tired, but because she was so bright and energetic, I could be energized as well.

— Choi Yeon Gyu

They looked like the perfect visual couple in the music video for sure! We can’t wait to see more of him in the future. Check out his reaction below.