What Male Players From Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Really Thought About Jang Eun Sil’s Predominantly Female Team

They all thought the same thing.

Netflix‘s Physical: 100 is unfortunately coming to an end. But before the final episode airs on February 21, contestants Cho Jung MyungSon Hee DongYun Sung BinMiracle, and Jo Jin Hyeong sat down to review the two episodes that were released last week.

At the start of the video, they watched as the team of female wrestler Jang Eun Sil entered the arena and prepared to pull the heavy ship. The men candidly admitted that they thought the team wouldn’t be able to finish the match.

They were considered the “weakest” of the competition because they consisted mostly of women and even had an injured male player.

  • Jo Jin Hyeong: It’s Team Jang Eun Sil.
  • Cho Jung Myung: When we had to pull the ship, I thought that team wouldn’t even be able to complete the race.

However, not only did they defy all expectations against them and complete the game, they did so only two minutes behind the second placer!

Car dealer and strongman player Jo Jin Hyeong confessed he thought they didn’t have what it takes. He was floored that they were able to pull the ship when his team of men could barely do it.

The fact they did it is amazing. My team wasted a lot of time there, so I assumed these guys couldn’t do it. How can they do it when we barely managed?

— Jo Jin Hyeong

Skeleton athlete Yun Sung Bin added, “They did better than my team did there.”

After seeing them complete the game, the men had one thing to say about Team Jang Eun Sil: “They’re amazing.”

  • Cho Jung Myung: They still finished it. The fact they did it is amazing.
  • Jo Jin Hyeong: They’re really amazing.

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