Sung Bin From Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Dishes On Why The Boulder Challenge Was Even Harder Than It Looks

You’d think the 100kg boulder was the most difficult part…

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With its astonishing challenges and interesting contestants, Netflix‘s Physical: 100 has quickly taken the world by storm. Unfortunately, its end is nearing. Episodes 7 and 8 were released last Tuesday, the finale to be aired next week.

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In the meantime, contestants Cho Jung MyungSon Hee DongYun Sung BinMiracle, and Jo Jin Hyeong sat down with Netflix to review the two episodes. They gave their own insights into the Final 20 games, which were divided into quests that the players themselves could choose to join.

Olympic gold medalist Sung Bin shared his thoughts on the game that he personally played. Called “The Punishment of Sisyphus,” the players were tasked with pushing a 100kg boulder over a makeshift hill from one end to another. The last one standing would be declared the winner.

Pushing a whopping 100kg rock sounds hard enough, but that wasn’t actually the only difficult part. Sung Bin explained that the hill was even steeper than it looked, making it more exhausting to move across. Additionally, the rock was bumpy, instantly eliminating the Skeleton player’s plan to roll it across the hill. He had to push it instead.

All together, he quickly felt so tired that even walking downwards was a pain.

The hill was steeper than it looked from above. The rock wasn’t a perfect sphere. It was bumpy. I couldn’t roll it. I was planning to roll it, but it was bigger than I thought. Instead of rolling, I had to push it. Later, it was even hard to go down the hill.

— Sung Bin

As difficult as it may sound, the four players refused to go down without a fight. They always gave it their all, only giving up when they had completely depleted their energy. It says a lot about their determination and endurance!

If you look at people who got eliminated, they could’ve just given up before going uphill, but they always give up after going uphill for the last time. I think everyone wanted to give it one last try.

— Sung Bin

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