7 Male Stars That Look Super Awkward with Facial Hair

Someone, please hand them a razor.

It’s very likely that all men have dreamt of growing out their facial hair at least once in their lives. That’s because facial hair is capable of transforming a man to look sexier and more masculine.

But there are very few who look better with long facial hair. Here are 7 stars who are better off shaving:

1. Jo Byung Gyu

Jo Byung Gyu, who recently rose to fame through JTBC’s SKY Castle, is a star who looks better without facial hair. When he revealed his facial hair on his social media account, fans asked him to shave it off.

He recently surprised viewers on KBS2’s Happy Together 4 by revealing, “I had to play the role of a high school student, but my facial hair kept growing out so I had to wax 12 times.

2. Jung Hae In

Jung Hae In, who’s well-known for his clean image, doesn’t look his best when he has facial hair. He also revealed his facial hair on social media and didn’t receive very positive responses. Fans are wishing he wouldn’t cover his handsome face with facial hair that doesn’t even suit him.

3. Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook, who is starring in tvN’s Touch Your Heart, also doesn’t look very flattering with facial hair. Lee Dong Wook once sported facial hair in a drama, but fans are hoping that never happens again.

4. Roy Kim

Singer Roy Kim also looks much better when he’s clean-shaven. In his case, facial hair only covers up his dazzling facial features.

5. Son Heung Min

The Korean soccer player, Son Heung Min also received a lot of backlash for revealing a photo of himself with facial hair. Most agree that facial hair doesn’t suit his handsome face at all.

6. Lee Jong Suk

The popular actor, Lee Jong Suk once revealed a photo of himself with a mustache, but it simply looked like he forgot to shave. It can clearly be seen that Lee Jong Suk shines so much brighter when he’s clean-shaven.

7. Lee Joon

When Lee Joon grew out his facial hair for his film, Luck-Key, he almost seemed like a different person. The look definitely worked for his character, but the look doesn’t do his handsome face justice.

Source: Insight
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