This Male Streamer Physically Assaulted An Actress During His Live Broadcast

It wasn’t scripted.

Broadcast jockey named Chulgoo invited actress Kang Eun Bi to feature on his latest live broadcast, where they decided to reenact a situation of a girlfriend confronting her physically abusive boyfriend.

Kang Eun Bi’s expression didn’t seem positive from the start, where they explained the scenario to her.


Chulgoo and Kang Eun Bi began acting out a scene where the couple begins fighting, and tells Chulgoo’s character to stop cursing because his breath smells.

Stop cursing. Your breath smells right now so shut your mouth and talk quietly.

— Kang Eun Bi


The scene quickly took a turn when Chulgoo stood up and yanked Kang Eun Bi’s hair, startling her with his unscripted violence.


She tried to continue on the scene by telling him to let go, but Chulgoo didn’t let go.


It escalated too far that the fellow broadcast host quickly put a stop to the scene. The live viewers began commenting that he took it way too far.


Chulgoo began to defend his actions, claiming that he was “just acting“, but Kang Eun Bi claimed it felt genuine.

Even if it was acting, I felt your sincerity. You literally grabbed my hair.

— Kang Eun Bi


The other host tried to move on from the subject and began asking the viewers and Kang Eun Bi if they were facing any troublesome conflicts recently. Kang Eun Bi’s response showed that she was indeed troubled by the assault that happened mere seconds ago.

I just thought of a concern. I’m very angry right now. How do I get past this?

— Kang Eun Bi


Viewers left messages criticizing Chulgoo for his actions, while they worried for Kang Eun Bi’s wellbeing.

  • Wow… her hair ;; If I were her I would have beat the sh*t out of him.
  • Chulgoo that crazy psycho. Did you really pull Kang Eun Bi’s hair?
  • Pulling Eun Bi’s hair like that… It’s very upsetting…
  • lol So your name is Chulgoo… bye bye you’re done.