Malicious Comment Targeting MOMOLAND’s JooE Had Netizens Defending Her

Whether they were fans or not, they all came to support JooE.

Less than a month ago, MOMOLAND‘s Ahin spoke up for her members after they were being targeted by malicious comments. Despite the warning, JooE has become the next member to face negative comments on Instagram.

Fortunately, Ahin didn’t have to speak up once again thanks to netizens who gathered to show their support for JooE.

MOMOLAND’s Ahin Calls Out Haters For Sending Her Malicious Comments About Her and Her Group

While JooE’s latest uploads had fans and non-fans alike going crazy over how mature her visuals have become, there appeared to be a handful of people who thought otherwise. They were so vocal in their negative and malicious opinions that it reached JooE herself, one of which she shared on her Instagram story.

The first photo was a new one, snapping a mirror shot to showcase her flowy hair, simple fashion, and her sharp but delicate facial features. In the second part of the story, it took a different turn that gave everyone a look at how mean people could be.

JooE uploaded a screenshot of what appeared to be a message she had received. Using an excessive amount of emojis indicating sickness, throwing up, and other things, the commenter wrote, “F*CK YOU. B*TCH. UGLY.”

Rather than giving the malicious commenter precious time by writing out a long-winded response, JooE simply wrote, “Thank you,” in the corner. Netizens didn’t take it quite as quietly, though.

Once netizens saw the nastiness of the comment and how JooE had to see it herself, they were quick to take action. Many slid into her DMs and sent her positive messages about how beautiful she was and not to pay any mind to the haters.

They were so supportive that they tracked down the person who left the comment as well as their other social media accounts, which are still active.

The fact that fans and non-fans joined forces to shower JooE with kind words and find the person responsible prove that such malicious comments shouldn’t be targeted at anyone.