(★MAMA) Winners Of 2017 Mnet Music Awards In Hong Kong

2017 MAMA was a night full of breathtaking performances and a ceremony of some of the most prestigious awards. The 3-day long ceremony came to a close at Hong Kong last night.

Here are the winners of the MAMAs in Hong Kong!

Style In Music: Sunmi

“This Style In Music award isn’t for me, but for everyone who’s worked with me.

Thank you to my stylist team, our dance team, makeup team, and label staff.

I will continue to become an artist who improves with change.

Thank you.”

— Sunmi

New Asian Artist: NCT 127

“We received the New Artist Award back at the 2016 MAMA.

Thank you for awarding us again with the New Asian Artist Award.

We want to thank Lee Soo Man, the SM family staff, our seniors in SM, who always support us – even here tonight.

Thank you to the backstage staff and managers who help us to look the best that we can.

Thank you to our parents.

We’ll become an artist that can shine K-Pop throughout the world.”

— NCT 127

Best Band Performance: Hyuk Oh

“Thank you to everyone who listens to our music.

Thank you to all of our friends, hyungs, noonas, and label staff who help us continue making music.

We promised each other to do what we love for a long time, and do it great.

We’ll continue doing it too.

We never expected this award, so we’re very happy.

We’ll continue doing what we love for a long time, thank you.”


— Hyuk Oh

Best Hip-Hop & Urban Music: Heize

“I want to say thank you to everyone who listened to my music.

Thank you to all the fans, family, and label staff who have been with me since I’ve promoted under the name Heize.

I’m so happy to receive an award for making music that helps comfort someone somewhere.”

— Heize

Best Dance Performance Solo: Taemin

“Thank you for gifting me another prestigious award, following the award I won at last year’s MAMA.

Thank you to our fans, SHINee World.

Thank you to my staff, the label family, and manager hyungs.

You guys worked so hard.

Thank you to all the other staff members.

I will work hard to better myself.”

— Taemin


Best Collaboration: Dynamic Duo & CHEN’s “nosedive”

Dynamic Duo: “Thank you so much. Honestly Chen sang so well, so we were able to win this award.”

Chen: “Thank you so much. Thank you, Dynamic Duo, for allowing me to create such good music. Thank you to my encouraging EXO members.

Thank you to those everyone who loved this song. And EXO-L, love you! Thank you!”

Best Group Vocal Performance: Bolbbalgan4

“Hello, we’re Bolbbalgan4!

It’s a dream to perform here, and thank you for such a grand award.

Thank you to everyone who helped us recieve so much love.

Our label’s staff, our managers, and everyone who helped create our music.

Our hair and makeup teachers and stylist, thank you for making us so pretty.

To our parents, we love you.

Thank you to all our fans who emphasize with our music about the sufferings we face during puberty.”

— Bolbbalgan4

Best Music Video: BTS’s “Spring Day”

“I want to say thank you to A.R.M.Y!

We want to say thank you to our director who filmed this music video with us.

We’ll credit this award to our many directors.

Thank you very much!”


Best Female Group: Red Velvet

“Last year, we got the best female performance award.

Thank you for allowing us to win the best female group award this year.

Thank you to all our fans who’ve loved us from “Rookie” to “Red flavor” to “Peek-a-boo” this year.

Thank you to all the fans who love us!

Lastly, thank you Lee Soo Man.”

— Red Velvet

Best Style In Hong Kong: BTS

“We sincerely thank everyone for giving us such a grand award.

We’re so happy that we were able to receive this award thanks to the support and love of our fans.

We haven’t performed our stage yet, but I hear many people are looking forward to it.

We’ll do our best to put on a great stage.

Its an award that we received thanks to our A.R.M.Y’s votes.

I want to say that we love you.

Thank you, we love you!”


Best Female Artist: IU

Best Male Artist: Yoon Jong Shin

Best OST: Ailee – “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow”

“Thank you sincerely.

I’m always thankful that I’m able to attend MAMA every year.

Thank you MAMA so much.

I was so thankful for being able to meet a great project like “Goblin”. Thank you Locoberry and Lee Min Ah for a great song.

I will continue to work hard as an OST artist.

Thank you guys!”

— Ailee


World Performer: GOT7

“It’s such an honor.

Thank you to all of our label’s family. You guys worked hard.

Thank you for believing in us.

Thank you to our fans, iGOT7.

We’ll continue to show better performances.”

— GOT7

Best Male Group: Wanna One

“Thank you for letting us stand on such a great stage like MAMA.

Thank you for such a great award.

We just really thank you for the award.

Thank you to the staff of YMC Entertainment, as well as those who helped us make the music video.

Wannable, we really love you, thank you.

This was a very special year for us.

We will continue on this energy for 2018 as well.”

— Wanna One


Artist Of The Year: BTS

“Wherever we go, people always wonder more about A.R.M.Y than us.

How are we able to recieve the love of so many people from around the world?

We wouldn’t be able to attend such warm stages without you guys, thank you.

We’ll be artist for a long time.

We won’t be sad anymore or cry.

We’re able to stand tall and be proud.

This year, we experienced everything that we can experience as an artist.

We were able to be at MAMA because of A.R.M.Y. We want to say thank you and I love you.

Love yourself. Love myself. Peace.”


Album Of The Year: EXO

“We were able to win this grand award for 5 years in a row.

Thank you to Lee Soo Man, SM family, our seniors including Super Juniors, our managers, and staff.

We were able to stand here thanks to EXO-L.

Winning this award for 5 years in a row, achieving million seller for 4 years in a row, they’re new records that we can’t believe.

We were able to achieve it all thanks to EXO-L.

When the day comes when everything fades, please remember our lovely memories.

There’s a lyric from our song ‘POWER’…

“EXO-L let’s not come a day when we fade.

We’ll continue to stand on stage and become an EXO who aren’t embarrased.”

Please look forward to the future of EXO.

Don’t cry, because we won a big prize.

See you next year! Good night! Go home! Thank you!

Thank you, we made a new mark in history thanks to EXO-L. This is isn’t the last chapter of our history. It will continue.

Thank you for growing us up to this point, EXO-L. Thank you and we love you!

Thank you to our parents, EXO-L, and our members.

We’ll always be a well mannered EXO.

While watching the awards, I came to realize that music isn’t a competition. Please love us and K-Pop more.

We were so happy to recieve such a grand prize. I don’t think there’s anything else to say except thank you.

Last year at MAMA, all of the members gathered at a hotel aftering winning our award and promised to continuously do well.

This year has been so special for EXO-L, so I want to say thank you.

I want to say thank you to the members and EXO-L.”



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(★MAMA) Winners Of 2017 Mnet Music Awards In Japan