MAMAMOO’s Album Consistency Is Incredibly Satisfying And Netizens Are Obsessed

“I hope the company that my bias is under will learn something from this…” — Netizen

A K-Netizen’s forum post noted how MAMAMOO‘s albums are consistent in size and shape ever since debut.

Almost all of their albums are produced in the same magically satisfying size of 140x190mm.

Even their concert DVD and blu-ray are produced in the same size.

It feels really satisfying to look at… It just brings peace to my heart…

— Netizen’s comment

Both their badge collection book…

…and members’ individual photobooks are the same size.

Not only does using this same size for all of their products make collections look organized, according to fans, it’s also just convenient for storage purposes.

Every idols companies need to learn from Mamamoo’s company…

Wow, that’s really neat and pretty…ㅠㅠㅠ

— Netizens’ comments

That looks really satisfying…ㅋㅋㅋ I actually really hate it when idols release albums in different sizes, it’s really hard to organize them all…

— Netizen’s comment

Twitter @itsmoonbyule

However, as more of their solo albums have come out, they are different sizes than the standard 140x190mm. Perhaps the unique sizes are used to show MAMAMOO’s members’ own personal style and unique attributes.

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Source: TheQoo