MAMAMOO Break Boundaries For Girl Groups By Adding Humor To Their Performances

MAMAMOO have never taken themselves too seriously and that’s what makes them iconic.

In a world of hyper-polished girl groups, MAMAMOO has never been afraid to be daring and silly. From “Um Oh Ah Yeh” to “Waggy,” MAMAMOO always find ways to make their stage performances fun and fresh.

During the bridge in their live performances of “You’re The Best,” the girls often took funny-face “selfies”.

In “Taller For You” the girls were prison inmates arguing over who was tallest. The song is already humorous, since the girls are fighting over a 1cm height difference, but the staging takes it to the next level.

During the bridge of “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” the girls find out that the man they’ve been swooning over has been a woman all along. However, in each the live versions, this revelation is a little bit different. Once, the girls even part-switched right in the middle

“AZE GAG” is one long dad joke, and MAMAMOO took this opportunity to turn their comeback performance into an actual gag performance featuring actor Choi Minyong. Even fans who don’t speak Korean can pick up on the humor in this one-of-a-kind performance.

MAMAMOO have picked some of their most daring costume choices for their “Waggy” stages. They’ve been food items and safari explorers, but since the song is basically a love letter from an owner to a dog, it’s only fitting that the girls be dressed in cat and dog onesies while performing it.

The girls took it up a notch for their appearance on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook, where they wore face paint to match.

What makes MAMAMOO’s performances so iconic is not only the humor, but the fact that they have the talent to back it up. We can’t wait to see more from these hilarious, talented queens.






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