MAMAMOO Drew Themselves In An Interview, And Moo Moos Can’t Get Enough Of It

Moo Moos wouldn’t be surprised at their answers

As part of their promotions for their “HELLO MOO MOO!” Asia Fan Meeting, MAMAMOO sat down for an interview with Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, where they answered questions while drawing themselves in their fan’s eyes.

They started by choosing between cats and dogs.

Moo Moos wouldn’t have been surprised by this, as Moonbyul and Wheein have made their love for their pets very clear.

They had to make some tough decisions as well.

The interview ended off with the stars showing what they drew.

Moonbyul hilariously struggled to explain her drawing…

…Leader Solar had to step in.

Solar’s drawing sent the rest of the members laughing.

Wheein drew her cat, “Como”, paying homage to the endearing nickname given to her by Moo Moos.

Lastly, Hwasa stole the show with her drawings of herself as a queen and a thoughtful drawing of the ocean.

When I’m on stage, some falls call me “the Queen”…hence I drew a queen with a “Hyegi”

The members agreed that Solar’s drawing was the most intriguing one by far. 

MAMAMOO released their latest EP, “White Wind”, with the song “gogobebe” as the lead single. You can watch the full interview below.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao