MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals The Shocking Extent Of Her Back Injury Right Before Her Comeback

She couldn’t even walk.

On a recent episode of “I Live Alone,” MAMAMOO’s Hwasa reveals how her back injury happened while practicing for her latest comeback, “Maria.”

While practicing the choreography, she felt a sharp pain in her back and suddenly collapsed.

With her comeback happening so soon, she had little time to spare and immediately went to the emergency room.

During an already stressful time, she had to cancel some events such as KCON.

[It happened] a week before the comeback. I was supposed to start going to places that day but I had to cancel everything.

— Hwasa

What you may not know is how severe her injury really was at first.

I already got diagnosed with a herniated disk. I couldn’t walk at all on that first day. I couldn’t move my body.

— Hwasa

The following day, she was able to walk a little bit and was only in pain when she coughed…

…or farted.

Leave it to Hwasa to hold nothing back from her fans!

Watch the incredible performance she put so much time and energy into below in the performance version of “Maria.”