MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Ranked Her Own Eras From Best To Worst — And She’s Hilariously Blunt About It

Wait until you see what she picked for #1.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa took a trip down memory lane when she was given pictures of 5 of her most well-known eras. Ranking her visuals in each one, here’s her own list ordering her eras.

5. Mr. Ambiguous

She starts off with her least favorite eras and says something that may shock fans.

I hate these faces with a passion. Seriously … I was so ugly in these eras.

— Hwasa

She chose MAMAMOO’s debut era, Mr. Ambiguous.

MAMAMOO showed off their quirky charms and honey vocals in a colorful way, but Hwasa would rather leave this look in the past.

Fans can’t forget her signature big hat!

4. Décalcomanie

Tying for last place, she also chose MAMAMOO’s hit Décalcomanie.


The girls amped up their vampy charms and Hwasa even sported some blue hair.

3. Hip

The next era she chose doesn’t bother her, but it’s still not her favorite. She picked Hip, a song that showed off MAMAMOO’s tougher aura.

Her reasoning?

It was just nice having short hair for the first time in a while.

— Hwasa

2. Um Oh Ah Yeh

Hwasa’s second favorite era of all time is Um Oh Ah Yeh, stating it was a youthful and cute look for her.

During this time period, Hwasa gained international recognition for her Hollywood-like charms.

1. You’re The Best

Lastly, her favorite era is You’re The Best.

My body looked really good. I refuse to let go of this era. ‘You’re The Best’ is my best era. *laughs*

— Hwasa

She believes she was slim and her face appeared more slender during this time.

In the end, whether she sees it or not, Hwasa looks incredible in every era of MAMAMOO!

Check out her full explanation below!