MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Friend Doesn’t Know Who Dua Lipa Is, Hilarity Ensues

Hwasa couldn’t hide her genuine shock at his comment.

Back in mid-March Moomoos discovered that MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa would be featured on Dua Lipa‘s “Physical”. Since it’s release, Dua Lipa has had only good things to say about Hwasa, which has excited K-Pop fans around the world.

During an episode of I Live Alone, Park Na Rae brought up Hwasa’s recent collaboration with Dua Lipa.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Hwasa was humble about the achievement, acknowledging that she was featured in Dua Lipa’s song.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

While the women on the panel were very knowledgeable and happy for Hwasa, Kian84 seemed confused about who exactly Dua Lipa was, which made everyone burst out laughing.

What’s Dua Lipa?


Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

His off-the-wall comment led to Na Rae and Hwasa quickly explaining how popular and famous Dua Lipa is.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

It goes to show that although Hwasa was happy to work with a worldwide famous celebrity, she’s famous in her own right — perhaps even more so than Dua Lipa, depending on who you ask! 😉

Watch the whole clip below: