MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Introduced A New And Daring Sexy Pants Style… And Netizens Were Split In Opinion

Everyone’s got an opinion about her outfit.

Hwasa arrived at the airport with her fellow MAMAMOO members but everyone was more focused on her style of choice.

Hwasa wore what initially looked like high waisted underwear with oversized pants that were ripped and unzipped.

The inner wear hugged her curves beautifully to accentuate her god-given curves.

Hwasa looked to be calm and casual as she headed into the airport after introducing her new style.

But a group of netizens began to criticize her for her style. They claimed it was “crazy” and a “crime“.

But this isn’t the first time Hwasa’s dramatic choice of style has made headlines. She’s often seen trying out different fashion styles and iconic pieces for various occasions.

Another group of netizens agreed that the latest outfit worked because it was Hwasa. They demanded that the haters stop criticizing her for simply expressing herself through fashion.

Everyone just needs to let the Sexy Queen breathe and do what she was born to do!


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