MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Turns Heads With New “Underwear” Fashion Trend

What she wore under her sweatpants caught the public’s attention.

On February 17, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa was captured at Incheon International Airport with a unique fashion trend.

Hwasa | NewsenTV/YouTube

On her way to Paris for a solo stage, Hwasa wore a green and white trucker hat, a black crop top, a Chanel bag, and gray sweatpants—it was what she wore inside her sweatpants, however, that stood out the most.

Hwasa | MYDAILY/YouTube

A pair of blue jeans peeked out from under her sweatpants—a look that is not common—and netizens called her a “trendsetter” and wished her good luck on her Paris performance.

This is not the first time Hwasa has made headlines for her airport fashion. She once went viral for showing up at the airport without a bra and making a bold statement.

Source: MYDAILY and YouTube