MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Revealed A Time She “Covered The Screen” While Watching Herself On TV

Even Hwasa gets insecure sometimes.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa revealed her thoughts on her appearance on “I Live Alone” where her natural “at-home state” was captured and broadcasted on TV.

However, upon watching the first episode, she realized she had already shown more than she wanted to.

That’s all I want to show to the public. Please don’t dig any further. *laughs*

— Hwasa

From wearing no makeup to eating what she wanted, fans got to see a peek into her private life…and have a look at the parts of life that are not so glamorous.


However, Hwasa felt a bit embarrassed after watching her appearance.

I was so shocked to see myself on that show.

— Hwasa

I couldn’t bare to watch it. I covered the screen almost the whole time.

— Hwasa


To Hwasa, she might not have liked seeing herself so natural on TV. However, MooMoos couldn’t love her natural state anymore if they tried!

Watch her full explanation below!