MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals Why She Loves Nail Art So Much

Hwasa’s nails are always iconic.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is famous for her love for long nails, and she often rocks some of the most gorgeous colors and patterns.

They inconvenience her sometimes, but Hwasa wouldn’t give up her long nails for the world.

In Solar‘s Q&A session with her members during the filming of “ILLELLA,” Solar asked Hwasa to explain the concept for her nails, and Hwasa instantly launched into a full explanation. It’s clear how much she loves nail art and how carefully she thinks about the designs.

솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube

In her excitement, she ended up making a small mistake, saying she used PCR material instead of PVC material for her nails, causing Solar and her to burst into laughter.

Solar then asked Hwasa if she ever planned to cut her nails short or stop using fake nails. Hwasa’s answer was firm, and though she joked that she would have long nails ’til the day she died, it didn’t seem too far from the truth.

I would keep my nails this long even when I get older.  I will have this until I die. I will even put it on my gravestone too.

— Hwasa

The reason why Hwasa cherishes her nails so much is because she associates them with her identity. She’s been obsessed with nail art since middle school, and it’s her way of expressing creativity and personality. Like how many idols have a signature fashion item or brand, Hwasa’s signature fashion accessories are her nails.

Solar: What do nails mean to you?

Hwasa: They are my identity. I’ve been working on my nails since when I was in middle school.

Hwasa has long been adamant about her love for nails; even for a simple balance game, she chose living on an inhabited island for a few days over not doing her nails for a month.

For MOOMOOs who want to catch her attention when MAMAMOO goes on tour, just paint your nails beautifully, and there’s a 75% chance you’ll get a compliment from the queen herself.


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