A Fan Once Proposed To MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Her Reaction Is Priceless

She is too pure for this earth.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is loved by many fans. Despite being an “it girl,” she’s down-to-earth and keeps it real with her beloved MooMoos.

This could explain why Hwasa suddenly was “proposed” to by a fan during a meet and greet!

The fans excitedly approach MAMAMOO, and Hwasa thinks all she’ll be accepting is a high-five today.

Suddenly, the fan in the black pants steps towards Hwasa…

…and kneels before her!

Hwasa’s immediate reaction upon seeing them take out the ring? She gushes excitedly and holds out her hand, ready to accept!

Hwasa’s huge smile could light up the room! After the ring is placed, the crowd of fans cheers from off stage.

Hwasa’s smile takes up 75% of her face at this point. The other members suddenly realize what’s happening and are quite surprised, to say the least.

The whole interaction is precious and shows why fans love Hwasa so much for her chill attitude!

Who says you can’t marry your idols? Check out the full video below and live vicariously through these fans!