MAMAMOO Reveals Their True Opinion On Hwasa’s Solo Activities

There are some serious pros and cons.

The girls of MAMAMOO each have their own solo promotions and activities, including Hwasa who has gained recognition from her song “Twit.”

On Knowing Brothers, they went in-depth about the pros and cons of members having solo activities.

Hwasa started by saying when they are all together in a group, they have to harmonize: with each other’s voices and stage presence.

This means they may have to tone down their unique charms so they don’t overshadow the others. By focusing on blending in rather than standing out, they create a more cohesive group.

The opposite is true during the solo promotions. One person must take up the stage completely on their own and let their individuality shine.

The hosts brought up how Hwasa’s success for her song “Twit” put her on the map as a solo artist, and her song was well-received on various charts.

The other girls were asked how they feel about her individual success and leader Solar said that Hwasa is a reflection of the group. Her accomplishments can only benefit them as a whole.

When a member of a team succeeds, it helps boost morale for all of them.

Moonbyul revealed that as Hwasa was topping the charts, they were feeling all of the happiness right there with her.

They were so proud that someone from their group could achieve such success with their solo promotions.

The hosts wisely weigh in on MAMAMOO’s support for each other…

…which is how you know that the bond these girls have is real. Their undying support shows they truly care about one another.