Fans Notice Something Embarassing In The Background Of MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s Instagram Live

Everything they do is iconic…even their mistakes.

The girls of MAMAMOO are known for being open with their fans, but they may have been a little too open once during an online broadcast.

During Moonbyul‘s Instagram Live, she played around with different filters while in the car with Solar.

However, as the camera angle shifted, fans noticed something in the backseat.

They continued to play with filters…as if there wasn’t a bra in plain sight.

Solar suddenly noticed and immediately becomes embarrassed, Moonbyul laughing as well.

Fans think the minor mishap is adorable and totally “on brand” for MAMAMOO.

The irony is that MAMAMOO have been involved in many bra-related fashion incidents, receiving both backlash and praise for their choices by K-Netizens.

Hwasa wearing only a bra to the airport sparked an online debate.

Whatever your stance is, MAMAMOO’s casual attitude towards bras is refreshing. Whether you wear them or you don’t, it is just an article of clothing, after all.