MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Reveals The Advice She Gave Her Junior Group PURPLE KISS

She’s is a great role model for them!

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul recently participated in a beautiful pictorial with Elle Korea! In addition to her pictorial, Moonbyul also did an interview where she revealed the types of conversations she shares with senior and junior artists.

During her interview, Moonbyul was asked about her relationships with other artists. Moonbyul commented that whether it be a senior or junior group, she can always share her concerns or seek advice from them.

Q: You get along with the group members enough to feature each other and write lyrics. What kind of stories are you usually talking about when you meet?

With seniors, there are moments when I ask about my concerns, but most of the time they are younger than me. Because we do the same type of work, we can give and take answers about the similar problems we encounter around the same time. We give each other advice and introduce each other to colleagues who also may also be of help.

— Moonbyul

The comforting advice she once gave to her junior artists, PURPLE KISS, was also brought up during the interview. Moonbyul expressed how she understands how scary everything can seem at the start and simply told them the words she wanted to hear as a rookie.

Q: I also remember the advice you gave to the rookie group PURPLE KISS. “I hope you work while searching for happiness and meet good people who support you.”

I can see their concerns in their eyes. When I was at their age, there no one could say things like that to me. I wasn’t sure exactly what type of work this field demanded and since we were the first group from our company, there were several things we had to discover ourselves. I think I just told them what I’d want to hear back then.

— Moonbyul

Source: Elle Korea and @mo_onbyul


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