MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Spills Who Inspired Her To Become A Singer

There’s one idol that stood out among the rest.

Moonbyul and her group, MAMAMOO, debuted more than 8 years ago in June 2014. Hence, most fans label them as seniors in the K-Pop industry, and many younger idols and trainees look up to them for inspiration and motivation.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, and Hwasa (from left to right) | @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter

Although her debut was almost a decade ago, Moonbyul still recalls the groups who inspired her to become a singer in the first place, and she revealed who they were in a 200,000-subscriber Q&A special on her YouTube channel 문별이다 moonbyul2da.

| 문별이다 moonbyul2da/YouTube 

First, she clarified that she initially planned on becoming a teacher, not an idol. She became a fan of TVXQ when they debuted, and she was shocked to find out that Wonder Girl‘s Sunmi and Sohee were the same age as her.

The final straw was watching Girls’ Generation‘s “Into The New World.” That made her want to join SM Academy and follow in Taeyeon‘s footsteps, although sadly, she never became a trainee at SM Entertainment.

Thankfully her parents supported her dream, and after working hard to learn some skills and receiving applause in competitions, she recognized that she was on the right path.

Moonbyul also shared that she realized her dream came true when she met Taeyeon on Amazing Saturday since Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, and Wonder Girls were crucial in building her dream of becoming a singer.

Watch the full Q&A below! Moonbyul talks about why she wanted to become a singer at the 18:10 mark.

A previous version of this article stated that Moonbyul was rejected from SM Academy. That has been corrected to say she was never accepted as a trainee at SM Entertainment.