The 2 Girl Groups Who Were Scared Of Each Other But Ended Up Becoming Friends

They never knew they’d been scared of each other until now.

Because first impressions and stage personas can be deceiving, MAMAMOO ended up becoming close friends with a group they were initially scared by—who turned out to be afraid of them as well.

MAMAMOO | @mamamoo_official/Instagram

MAMAMOO+‘s Moonbyul and Solar revealed which group during an appearance on a variety show.

Solar and Moonbyul. | @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter

On the first episode of Welcome to Soyou’s guest house, they reunited with former SISTAR member Soyou. Looking back on the days when they promoted together, Moonbyul remembered both groups going to the same salon. She admitted, “The seniors looked really scary to us.

Soyou was shocked and asked if Moonbyul had been genuinely scared by the SISTAR members.

Soyou: Were you scared of us?

Moonbyul: Yes, I really was.

Soyou: Why?

Rather than their personalities, SISTAR’s aura of a successful senior group was intimidating. Moonbyul explained, “You guys didn’t scare us. Yes, [the power] because SISTAR was our senior…” Ironically, she hadn’t been the only one afraid.

When they teamed up for the SISTAR x MAMAMOO Girl Crush Concert, Soyou remembered Hwasa sending them flowers. Soyou admitted, “Actually, I was scared of Hwasa.” Solar wasn’t surprised by the confession.

Soyou then revealed that all the MAMAMOO members had intimidated her because they were so outgoing. She said, “I was scared of you guys. You guys were so hyperactive that I thought, ‘I’ll be exhausted with them.’

As an introvert, Soyou didn’t think she could handle the MAMAMOO members, especially when her own group members could be so energetic.

I got exhausted even when I was with my members. I had a fear of, ‘What if she talked to me?’ Yeah, it was that kind of fear.

— Soyou

Fortunately, they were able to see each other’s true personalities and become friends that could have a drink together.

Soyou | @soooo_you/Instagram

See Moonbyul and Soyou reflect on how SISTAR and MAMAMOO went from being scared of each other to being close friends.