MAMAMOO’s Solar Unintentionally Reveals The Secret To Idols’ Airport Fashion

We can’t believe we never realized this.

On her 12-hour flight, MAMAMOO‘s Solar revealed an interesting secret about airport fashion that you may have never guessed.

She took fans on board a plane to America with her by recording her trip and we were able to see a crucial secret about K-Pop idols’ airport outfits that most people have always wondered about.

K-Pop idols must be conscious of their airport fashion to avoid looking sloppy in front of the news reporters’ cameras or else they may receive criticism.

Because of the backlash idols can receive, they often dress nicely (but not always). Even Solar herself is no stranger to some iconic looks over the years.

This begs the question: How comfortable can these stiff, crisp outfits be when flying across the world? Luckily, Solar has the answers for us!

She first settles into her flight, still wearing her stylish airport outfit as she rummages through her belongings and shows us what she brought on the flight…

She then changes into some slippers…

Before disappearing off-screen to change into comfortable, slightly less stylish clothes.

She already looks 100x more comfortable in an oversized t-shirt and her hair up out of her way.

With about 30 minutes left in her 12-hour flight, she swiftly changes back to her fashionable clothes. Nobody ever has to know about her in-flight fashion choices.

To all the people who really thought that idols fly in their uncomfortable airport fashion, don’t be concerned…we all thought that at one point.

Next time you sacrifice comfort for style at the airport, remember to bring a change of comfy clothes like idols do!