MAMAMOO’s Solar Celebrated Her Birthday This Year By Buying A Luxury Car…For Her Parents

She is one wholesome queen!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar decided to celebrate her birthday differently this year by giving a special gift not to herself, but to her parents. And it was no small gift! Solar bought them a luxury SUV as a surprise, and it was all worth it!

Solar had been thinking about how she had always gotten things for herself on her birthday, and always thought of fans, but had yet to do something for her parents.

Therefore, she gave this particular gift a lot of thought, even preparing it for several years!

This being her first time seeing the gift as well, Solar was extremely excited, showing the shiny new SUV in all its glory.

Solar’s plan was to give the new car to her parents, and keep her mom’s old car for herself.

And when Solar’s mom saw the new car, she was in utter disbelief…

…but couldn’t stop saying how nice it was once she drove it for the first time!

They went to pick up Solar’s dad and tried to trick him by pulling up alongside him in the new car without saying anything. He was confused, but he soon seemed to catch on as he came to open the car door.

Though he had been a little confused at first, he was also very happy with the car, so Solar was able to wrap a very successful surprise!

It’s very touching that Solar gave so much thought into a great gift for her parents. And it’s even more touching to see how much it means to them! Solar’s relationship with her family is amazingly wholesome…so much so, that even Moonbyul wants to be a part of the family!

You can watch the video in full on the link below.