MAMAMOO’s Solar Does The “Social Welfare Day Challenge” And Fans Couldn’t Be Prouder 

“Solar is a perfect role model.” — Fan

In a recent YouTube video, MAMAMOO’s Solar showed her heart made of gold and decided to do some volunteering.

| @RBW_mamamoo/Twitter

Taking place on September 7, Solar discusses Social Welfare Day, which encourages people to do what they can in order to help reduce social inequality.

It’s a day where we encourage activities related to social welfare.

— Solar

Solar talks about a recent place she found called the “Beautiful Store” in which products are recycled.

They receive donated items, sell them, and donate the profits.

— Solar

She volunteered for the day, hanging donated clothes, running the cash register, and more. She even donated some of her own things and was very respectful to the staff.

The comments are overflowing with love and support for Solar’s good heart.

By creating a video, instead of looking for praise, she is hoping to inspire others to do what they can to help, as well.

I love how solar uses her channel to bring awareness to important and interesting issues/things like this!! It motivates me to become a better person and a better Yongwangnim, too.

— Netizen

| @RBW_mamamoo/Twitter

Watch her adventure to the “Beautiful Store” below!