MAMAMOO’s Solar Shows The Fastest Way To Pick The “Perfect” Outfit

If you’re in a rush in the morning, you might actually consider this.

MAMAMOO’s Solar recently revealed the quickest method of picking out an outfit from your closet where you can expect to be ready from head-to-toe in under a minute.

However, there are no promises the end result will be as fashionable as Solar usually is!

She starts in her closet and uses this specific method for picking out each category of clothing.

When she’s signaled by the “Go” from her cameraperson, she walks with her eyes closed, dragging her hand along her selection of pants.

Once she receives the “Stop” signal, she lands on an item of clothing and takes it out.

She repeats this technique for jackets and shirts, as well.

For shoes, she does a similar method but spins in a circle.

Repeating this for all kinds of accessories, she pieces together the “perfect” outfit.


Her end result?

It may not be the definition of “swag,” but it’s definitely the quickest way to get dressed!

Watch Solar’s full video below!