MAMAMOO’s Solar Revealed Her Healthy Fridge And It Will Inspire You To Get Fit

This is how she maintains her slim physique.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently gave fans a tour of her refrigerator and the healthy food she regularly keeps on hand.

When she opens the fridge, it’s filled to the brim!

At the very top, Solar shows bags of boiled eggs that her and her sister package themselves for convenience.

My sister eats these boiled eggs so when she goes to work, it’s kept like this.

— Solar

Boiled eggs are a protein-filled snack to give you energy throughout the day, which makes them perfect for her sister at work.

Next, Solar shows her stored kale juice that she makes herself with her own recipe. She also has some greek yogurt for another protein option.

As an essential part of a Korean meal, Solar does not skimp on the side dishes. She has everything from dried squid to mapo tofu!

My mom visited the other day, so she gave me a lot of side dishes.

— Solar

She then shows some raw eggs, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli…but we totally see that chocolate hiding back there. Everything in moderation is the key to a balanced diet!

In her fruit drawer, she has a plethora of apples that she likes to eat on their own or as part of her smoothies. She also has a bag of kale to make her favorite health juice.

She has balloon flower extract which helps with lung and throat health, a necessity to protect her powerful voice.

What fridge is complete without a skincare section, anyways?

Next, Solar shows the freezer which is much more barren than the fridge.

She has a few things here and there, but the main attraction is…

…her endless stock of chicken breast. Seriously, it doesn’t end.

Solar’s refrigerator contains both nutritious and delicious food, helping her maintain a balanced diet!

Watch her full fridge tour below.