MAMAMOO’s Solar Is “Mad” At Hwasa — And The Reason Will Make You Wheeze

What could these two possibly not agree on?

During an online broadcast, MAMAMOO’s Solar revealed some information about fellow member Hwasa that will make any MooMoo laugh.

When asked about Hwasa wanting to appear on Solar’s YouTube channel, Solarsido, Solar jokingly said Hwasa only watches the preview of her videos. After viewing the thumbnail and intro, she’s done watching.

Previously, Hwasa joked that Solar is lying and she does indeed watch all of Solarsido. She even said she’s waiting for her invite from Solar to appear on the channel.

After a fan asked Solar and Moonbyul if they watch Hwasa’s reality show “I Live Alone,” Solar responds by pointing out Hwasa’s “lies.”

She also added that from the little portion Hwasa watches, she sees the opening greeting of Solarsido and referred to it as aegyo. For Solar, however, it’s just the introduction.

For me, it’s just a greeting but it was mistaken as aegyo.

— Solar

Even though Solar joked she was “mad” at Hwasa, she eventually says she’ll definitely call her to appear on Solarsido!

Everyone is waiting for the day to see these two on Solar’s YouTube channel together!