MAMAMOO’s Solar Immerses Herself In Polynesian Culture While On Vacation And You’ll Wish You Were There Too

Solar participated in “cultural appreciation” and learned more about Polynesian culture in Hawaii.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar visited Hawaii in February and, as someone with a YouTube channel is wont to do, she filmed a vlog detailing her experiences!

In her first Hawaii vacation vlog, Solar shares her adventures at the Polynesian Cultural Center on O`ahu.


The Polynesian Cultural Center is one of Hawaii’s top attractions and showcases the different Polynesian cultures that can be found in the “808 state”.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

Because her Solarsido channel is all about trying new things, in this video, she challenged herself to get a tattoo in the Fiji district, which was a success.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

But aside from that, Solar had a great time learning about Polynesian culture in the islands through cultural appreciation. Like a true kama`aina (local), Solar even threw up a shaka when she saw staff walking around. Unfortunately, they didn’t notice her attempt, but we’ve definitely all had that happen to us at one point or another, right? 😉

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

A true performer, she made sure to check out the hula lessons available in the Hawai`i district.

Source; Solarsido/YouTube

Granted, proper hula takes years of dedication and practice to have the strength and form to do properly, the kind they teach visitors to the islands tends to be more simple and doable for people are all ages.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

Everyone followed the kumu hula‘s (hula teacher’s) instructions along to the beat of the ipu.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

Solar went on to do an `ami, which is a rotation of the hips.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

Hula isn’t just dancing, as each movement has a significant meaning and often conveys a story, legend, or holds a significant meaning in combination with the mele (song) that accompanies it.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

At the end of her day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Solar had such a great time that she couldn’t help but recommend it to others!

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

If you’re in Hawai`i, you should definitely pay it a visit, particularly if you’re a fan of Elvis! The late King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s movie Paradise, Hawaiian Style was filmed on the property!

Watch Solar’s vlog about her visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center below:


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