MAMAMOO’s Solar Copies Her Members And Gets A “Tattoo”

The tattoo won’t last forever, but the memories will.

The girls of MAMAMOO each have their own fair share of ink…besides leader Solar.

The girls rock dainty tattoos scattered across their bodies, some of which are matching with other members.

Wheein’s Tattoos
Hwasa’s Tattoos

During Solar’s trip to Hawaii, she went to the Polynesian Cultural Center in hopes of filling her bare skin…with something impermanent, of course.

She explained how each country and/or island has it’s own zone and you can visit them individually to experience a little piece of that culture.

She decided to try getting a tattoo in the Fiji zone under one condition: It washes off eventually!

She explains how the other members love tattoos and are constantly getting more. Meanwhile, Solar is not really a fan of them for herself. The idea of something temporary seems a lot more fun and doable for her.

First, she is shown the selection of designs and she picks out which one she wants.

Then, the woman paints a thick layer of the temporary tattoo paste to the design. It’s close to black in color.

It is positioned just right on her wrist…

…and bam! The tattoo has been placed just like that.

Solar gushes “Thank you~” excitedly in English before scurrying away. She is seriously too cute.

She explains that even though the tattoo is fake, the process of the woman applying it to her was cool! Definitely less painful than her members’ tattoos.

She shows off the final results after it dries. Congrats Solar, you’re officially tatted up…until it washes off!

Check out her full experience below!