The Sad Reality Of Body Weight Standards For K-Pop Idols 

The pressure is unbearable.

As much love as K-Pop idols receive, there can also be endless backlash from the general public about their appearance and weight. MAMAMOO‘s Solar revealed the truths of what it feels like to be an idol trying to satisfy the numerous hate comments centered around body image.

MAMAMOO’s Solar | @solarkeem/Instagram

Simply by observing herself from how others would view her in the media, she is aware that she needs to maintain her appearance and weight to achieve a “favorable” look.

Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as just keeping her weight in check. If she puts on weight, she is criticized for being too heavy.

Let’s say I gained weight. Then they’ll say something about me gaining weight.

— Solar

At the same time, if she drops too much weight, she’s condemned for being too thin. This makes it hard to find the right balance to satisfy this nitpicky audience.

And if I lose weight, then they say I’m like a dried anchovy and say something.

— Solar

She tries to appease both sides and maintain her weight somewhere in the middle, but this can also be difficult.

This isn’t only true for Solar — Many celebrities are criticized over the slightest change in weight or appearance.

But also I think many people other than me will be having a difficult time with this, too.

— Solar

It doesn’t matter whether someone in the public eye is losing or gaining weight. There will always be at least some disapproving feedback from the public.

What are we supposed to do? I’m not allowed to lose or gain weight.

— Solar

Held to an unrealistic standard of beauty, it’s impossible for anyone to satisfy hate commenters.


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