MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Holy Grail Makeup Secrets For The Perfect Warm-Toned Look

Anyone can pull this off!

MAMAMOO’s Solar did her entire makeup routine on camera, giving fans step-by-step advice along the way! Here are her most important tips.

She starts by applying sunscreen for protection, then applies liquid foundation.

Solar Tip #1: If a brand doesn’t have your shade of foundation, blending two together can create the perfect shade.

She then uses a warm-toned cream eyeshadow across her lids and applies powder foundation over it.

Solar Tip #2: Apply the dry products over the wet products to lock them in place.

She then creates a very thin line for eyeliner extending slightly downward.

Solar Tip #3: Follow the eye’s natural shape and extend the top lashline downward for a Korean-style makeup effect.

She uses the same cream eyeshadow under her and applies a bright pink shadow on top of that.

Solar Tip #4: Using pink under the eyes creates an innocent and doll-like effect on the eyes.

She then curls her lashes and applies mascara.

Solar Tip #5: Burning a stick is a common trick in K-Pop to curl lashes, but make sure to be careful!

After applying a peach blush and a bit of bronzer to shade her face, she then goes in with a bright matte lipstick and lip tint.

Solar Tip #6: She recommends this type of lip for eating foods like tteokbokki that will already give your lips a rosy look.

And with that, you’re finished! This is Solar’s warm-toned look that’s perfect for eating spicy food.

Watch her full explanation below!