MAMAMOO’s Solar Attempts The Craziest Chocolate Mukbang…And It Will Make Your Mouth Water

This is heaven for all the chocolate lovers!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar tried an ASMR mukbang, or eating show, for the first time on her YouTube channel Solarsido.

| @solarkeem/Instagram

However, there was one twist — It was strictly chocolate treats only! She tried all sorts of gooey delicacies.

Anything containing chocolate was fair game. She tasted a little bit of everything including chocolate-coated Pepero sticks…

…and didn’t forget to wash it all down with some chocolate milk.

Breaking your chocolate spoon in a full jar of Nutella sounds like the best unfortunate circumstance ever.

If your stomach isn’t rumbling by now, she got a close-up of all her snacks, including a chocolate croissant dunked in frosting.

For all the foodies out there, this might be your dream dessert.

Check out her full eating show below…and try not to get too jealous!