MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her 5 Favorite Netflix Series For You To Binge Watch ASAP

From documentaries to sci-fi, she covers it all!

MAMAMOO’s Solar recently revealed her huge love for Netflix and decided to introduce fans to her 5 favorite series to binge watch at home.

Her first recommendation is “Love, Death and Robots.” Each episode is very short, some even under 10 minutes, so she says you’ll “end up watching them all in one day.”

She recommends this for people who work in art since the visual aesthetics are so beautiful and have you questioning whether or not the graphics are real people.

Even for people who don’t really like science fiction, I think there are still a lot of elements that make you able to approach it in a fun way.

— Solar

Her next recommendation is “Our Planet,” a healing documentary-style series that leaves you in awe of Earth’s animals and nature.

Each scene really leaves you in awe to the point that you wonder ‘How did they film this?’

— Solar

She then recommended “Tong: Memories,” which focuses on high school students in Busan.

The acting is seriously crazy [realistic].

— Solar

Her fourth recommendation is called “When They See Us.”

In 1989, the real incident of the ‘Central Five’ that turned New York upside down was taken and made into 4 connected episodes.

— Solar

So many terrible things have been happening due to racism … I think ‘When They See Us’ shows human rights being trampled over in a very frank and detailed manner.

— Solar

Lastly, she recommends “Black Mirror.”

She says though the series can be “gratifying and a bit scary,” it makes you think a lot about the advancement of technology and the possibility of the world developing in a certain way.

Honestly, I’m looking to buy eyes that haven’t seen this yet.

— Solar

Check out Solar’s full explanation of each series below!