MAMAMOO’s Solar Was Pranked By Her Back-Up Dancers And It’s Actually Hilarious

How did she not notice this??

During the filming of her new single “Spit It Out,” MAMAMOO’s Solar was the last person to know exactly what was happening behind her back.

The filming was long and tedious, stretching for most of the night. To keep the morale up, the back-up dancers were assigned a specific task…

…which was to do Solar’s iconic “Spit It Out” pose, as pictured below.

The one catch is that Solar can’t catch them doing it.

Every time she turned her back, the dancers posed dozens of times.

Even the staff wanted a piece of the action and got on camera to do it!

Fellow MAMAMOO member Moonbyul also hilariously did the pose right behind Solar.

As the night progressed, the dancers continued to pose and see how many times they could get away with this before Solar would realize something was happening behind her back.

The answer? About 70 times they got away with it!

Solar didn’t realize anything had happened until much later when she reviewed the footage back.

Everyone doing that in between … I seriously didn’t notice at all while filming. They really fooled me! I had fun watching it, too.

⁠— Solar

It turns out she thought the whole thing was adorable, too. She liked it so much that she requested for staff to continue to do things like this in the future.

I really liked it and I’m very satisfied. Please do a lot more of this next time, our staff~ Thank you!

⁠— Solar

Solar’s sweet reaction to the whole thing shows how well her staff and dancers know her!

Watch the hilarious madness ensue below!