MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Skin Looks Absolutely Flawless Even Without Make-Up And Here’s Why

She looks good even when she has just woken up with her face free of make-up.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar always looks attractive and exciting in their performances. Aside from having the perfect physique and visuals, she also has smooth and healthy skin.

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She also looks perfect bare-faced. This is literally her woke-up-like-this face.

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Solar recently went on a trip that required her to take a plane ride for long hours. She talked about the effect of flying on her skin. Air at high altitudes contains very little moisture and may cause dehydration.

That dehydration can also result in dry skin, and Solar knows this well. This is why she had her skin care products within reach, to address any hydration her skin needs along with other necessities to keep her skin healthy and glowing.

She shared that she used skincare made with vegan collagen that lifts the skin after two weeks of constant use and improves skin elasticity.

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Solar reminded not to forget the neck in moisturizing skin.

| solarsido/YouTube 

After applying the collagen ampoule, she used skin cream for added moisture, making the skin feel dewy. The ampoule and skin cream work together to give the skin more hydration.

| solarsido/YouTube 

Solar also shared an exciting tool she used for massaging. It’s a handy gua sha massage tool she uses to massage her face and other body parts. The device is used ideally after applying skin care products.

She used the massage tool to massage her jawline, neck, and scalp. Massaging the face will ease stiffness and swelling during long plane flights.

After her skincare routine, she ordered food and a drink and signed autographs for fans who recognized her.

| solarsido/YouTube 

A little later, she retouched her skin with a multi-balm moisturizer stick. The stick can be used for the neck, elbows, and heels, areas which dry quickly.

| solarsido/YouTube

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