MAMAMOO’s Solar Shows How Much Work ACTUALLY Goes Into Creating A TikTok…And It’s Funny AF

Why is she in her refrigerator?

MAMAMOO‘s Solar revealed behind-the-scenes footage of her creating the “SPIT IT OUT” challenge on TikTok…and her struggles will leave you wheezing.

She attempts to do her signature face stroke that takes place in the choreography…only using a green onion this time.

The onion becomes a weapon the moment it enters the air, hitting two staff members. You’ve worked hard, Solar’s staff.

I’m sorry!

— Solar

After many attempts of catching the flying green onion, she eventually nails it and scores a snack in the process.

Solar changes into her second outfit to create another shot. Who knew TikTok was so much work?

We’re taking a special video so I wore something special. Kind of dressy pajamas? … Enough compliments.

— Solar

For this one, she sits in her fridge and catches a bunch of bananas with long finger-nailed latex gloves. You know, as one does.

Her other ideas don’t disappoint. Next, she throws some toilet paper from the comfort of her own bathtub in yet another set of pajamas.

Of course, everything comes with a price, and eventually she has to clean up all the random objects she tossed around!

Watch Solar’s full hilarious shooting session below!