MAMAMOO Solar spotted in public without any makeup on

MAMAMOO‘s Solar was seen barefaced and still looked flawless.

She is known for her adventurous nature, as was seen in Dubai when she donned the local clothing and openly haggled with denizens of Dubai alongside Eric Nam.

Recently Images of Solar outside of her studio have surfaced. What stands out is that she is barefaced in comparison to her bold beauty image as seen in MAMAMOO’s works. Solar still looks flawless with hardly any difference than makeup!

Check out Solar’s gorgeous natural face in the snapshots below!

Bare face pic 2
Solar waves
Bare face pic 1
Even in plain clothes she still has a cheery disposition.
Bare face pic 3
Solar’s face in full view, what is her secret to maintaining such flawless skin?
Her usual look.
Her usual look for comparison.
Hard to notice light make up for Solar.