MAMAMOO Solar’s “Rags To Riches” Story Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams

Started from the bottom, now she’s here.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar may be the leader of one of the top K-Pop girl groups, but her success did not come without hardships.

Solar revealed how it all began when she shared a cramped, hot apartment with Moonbyul in Seoul. Eventually, Hwasa moved in with them.


Hwasa is from Jeonju so she didn’t have a place to stay in Seoul. She persuaded us to live with us.

— Solar

Despite already living in Seoul, Solar joined them to focus on her dream and to bond closer with her future group members.

We didn’t have a lot of money so the three of us lived in the rooftop apartment.

— Solar

Solar says the living standards here were less than ideal, as previously revealed on an online broadcast with the other members.

She says they shared their room with cockroaches the size of two fingers. Yikes.

There were so many cockroaches that we’d decide on a day we burn them all. We’d use lighters to exterminate them and burn them to a crisp.

— Solar

But all of their suffering wasn’t in vain. Solar wanted to provide for her parents, but the wait was difficult during her trainee period.

I started my trainee years at an older age so I kept training until I was in my mid-twenties. My friends were already getting jobs and earning money but I still had to receive money from my parents.

— Solar

After getting recognition, Solar can finally give back to her parents and thank them for supporting her in that difficult time.

I bought a car for my dad and helped my parents buy a house.

— Solar

Solar’s perseverance in difficult times shows her determination as an artist while the way she gives back reminds us she is just a respectable person all-around!

I give them money to spend now. It feels good.

— Solar

Watch Solar’s full explanation of her rise to glory below!