MAMAMOO’s Solar Drops Her Summer Makeup Routine And You MUST See Her Techniques

She makes it so simple!

MAMAMOO’s Solar always rocks a girly yet neutral makeup style that is complimentary on anyone. She revealed her summer makeup routine and it’s surprisingly easy to follow along!

Before even beginning, Solar applies her moisturizer and sunscreen as well as a coat of lip balm. For foundation, she uses a makeup sponge and applies a very thin layer (make sure it is super thin since she goes back in later to apply another coat!).

She uses Hanyul Cover Foundation in 17C.


Next, she takes a cream eyeshadow in a shimmery pale pink color and blends it over her lid with her ring finger. She also sweeps it under her eye for a cutesy look.

The under eye shadow has to have a red feel so that it looks loveable..

— Solar

She naturally fills in her eyebrows and takes a brown felt tip pen for eyeliner. She tends to use browns instead of blacks for a more natural and airy look for summertime.

She then takes an angled eyeliner brush with no product and slightly blends out her liner so it isn’t so harsh. She then curls her lashes and carefully applies a brown lengthening mascara.

She further compliments her aegyo-sal (under eye fat) with a pearl cream stick.

The triangle that is created with the eye and the eyeliner is then filled in with a smoky light brown shadow. Basically, drag the shadow from your lower lash line and blend slightly outwards to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

After applying the same brown mascara to her bottom lashes, she then finishes applying her foundation to clean up any fallout from the eyes.

Solar then applies a pale pink blush with a straight face instead of a smile and shades her jaw very lightly.

When applying blush I thought you always had to smile. But if you do this and then get a blank face, it comes back down … So I was told just to do it with a blank expression.

— Solar

After her lip balm is soaked in, she applies a chili-colored lipstick from the inside and blends outwards. She overlines her bottom lip slightly by pressing her lips together.

And you’re finished! Solar’s makeup routine is fresh, long-lasting, and looks amazing in photos.

Check out her full explanation of her summer makeup routine below!