MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals How Girl Groups Don’t Break A Sweat On Stage

We didn’t even know some of these products existed.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar finally answered a question that many fans have been asking. Just how do girl groups manage their sweat? As Korea is currently in the middle of a summer heatwave, many are sweating their pits out but idols often look perfectly matte and put together on screen. Despite intense choreography and hot stage lights, idols often look effortlessly cool. Here are the secret behind how they remain icy even in summer.

1. Scalp cooling spray

Solar shared that you can easily apply a scalp cooling spray to the crown of your head. However, the bad point about this is that you cannot do it too often, especially if your hair is styled for the day.

2. Armpit pads

These pads can be stuck onto the pit parts of your top. They are ideal for use when one wears tight, formfitting clothing or light-colored fabrics that show sweat stains well. This is the most highly used product for girl groups when they have to wear short crop tops.

3. Cool spray

A spray that you use on top of your clothes, Solar shared that this one even smells good! A downside is that it takes some time to dry and can leave water stains on your clothing temporarily. It’s great for white-colored clothing though.

4. Sports spray

This one has a similar effect to the cool spray. However, it does not leave water stains at all due to the fine spray. Solar shared that their labelmates, ONEUS, makes use more of this more than MAMAMOO. MAMAMOO does not enjoy using this as it does not smell very good, but rather, has a medicinal scent.

5. Fever patches

The most commonly available item on the list, these fever patches are used on the go and before broadcast to quickly bring down the body heat.

Check out the full video below for more great tips!