MAMAMOO’s Solar Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Removed At 30 Years Old…And It Will Make You Wheeze

This was one heck of an experience for her! 🦷

Solar of MAMAMOO has accomplished a lot by the age of 30…except for her wisdom teeth removal. Recently, however, she took fans along for the chaotic journey (and it’s kind of hilarious).

Solar went with fellow MAMAMOO member Moonbyul to fix her lingering problem and it made for a chaotic journey.

To be honest, since a few days ago, it’s come to the point where I can’t even chew food. So I came to have them removed.

— Solar

She explained she needed the right two removed since she previously got the left two removed. She pushed it off long enough and now the pain was more than she can bear.

You’re exaggerating the pain!

— Moonbyul

Solar’s fear was both relatable and hysterical. You can’t help but feel bad for her as she gets prepared for the procedure.

After getting the anesthesia, Solar tested her numbness…with Moonbyul’s finger. Solar was shocked that despite her eyes being closed, she could still feel something.

Moonbyul, who has previously gotten her wisdom teeth removed, told her that’s bound to happen.

It was finally time for the wisdom tooth removal process. The hilarious shots captured make for some quality entertainment. Good luck, Solar!

Solar was filmed afterwards and everything went smoothly! She was just left with a very swollen cheek, and Moonbyul just had to poke fun at it.

In the end, Solar conquered her fears and is now going to be in a lot less pain…once the swelling goes down!

Watch Solar’s full wisdom tooth extraction experience below!